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Terms and Conditions

  1. We will not be liable for any mishaps or discrepancies on your credit card or debit card billings. In the event of misbilling, please liaise with your respective banks. Should you need any proof from us, please email to
  2. Payments made through PayPal are secured transactions.
  3. Cakes ordered are non-refundable. Case-to-case we will consider on 1-to-1 exchange. Such cases are rare as our cakes are freshly baked from the oven daily.
  4. Sales Tax are chargeable at flat rate of 5% for each cakes. This sales tax is known as convenience fee chargeable by our payment mediums as withdrawal and transaction fees. Kek Lapis Dyg Salhah Online Team will not bear the cost.
  5. Kek Lapis Dyg Salhah Online Team reserve the rights to amend terms and conditions stated hereinafter, when and/or where applicable. Revised dates shall be stated below the page.
  6. Minimum order is 4 pcs, any sizes of cakes. Orders which are less than 4 pcs will be on hold until order is complete.

Updated 04 July 2014